Hot melt Film

Vlisoflix 250mm x 2 Meters
IR008 Hot melt film 450mm x 2 Meters

Vlisoflix & IR008 Hot melt film

Washable & dry cleanable
So many uses
For applique, wall hangings, garments hems, cushions, cards or decorative boxes.
Vliesofix® is just terrific for bonding textiles, craft work and for mending and
reinforcing too. Also suitable for felt, wood, cardboard, leather and raffia

Step 1
1. Place the rough side of the Vliesofix® against the reverse side of the fabric and iron
for 3 to 4 seconds with a dry heat.

Step 2
2. Cut out the shape of the applique & peel off the release paper

Step 3
3. Cover with a damp cloth and iron for 8 to 10 seconds

Step 4
Lay the fused parts flat and leave to cool for about 20 minutes. The adhesive does
not reach full bonding strength until it has completely cooled down

Unlike other Vlisoflix this will not seperate it will remain the same as
when purchsed when you go to use it

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