Vilene 40 Gsm

This Product is a "must have" for lace embroidery
At last a product that really works very well for embroidered lace designs.

CreekCreations Vilene is now the product which all of our customers demand. Why?
1. You only need to use one layer
2. It is not a film and so it dissolves quickly
3. It is very stable in both directions so won't stretch
4. It is a non woven product and so it does not perforate like some films
5. It does not have an unpleasant smell like some other products.
Our Vilene will dissolve quickly in cold water but will dissolve as quick as a flash
in luke warm water.

Before washout After washout
For the best result's you must use the same thread in you bobbin as well.

Vilene 500mm x 4 Meter's
Vilene 300mm x 7.5 Meter's

Vilene 250mm x 7.5 Meter's

Vilene 200mm x 7.5 Meter's

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