Lace Making Using Solvy As Oppossed To Vilene

This only applies to the CW035 Solvy
This was a surprising result for me, I have tried other solvies before that have been soft and pliable and they
have torn and not worked, I started out with our solvy being very hard and thick, thinking that it would
probably tear and not work and look at the result. Goes to show that before you say it will not work you
should give it a try.

We all love lace and I have tried solvy before
and it just tore while it was sewing
Have a look at this no tearing.
The doily has sewed out as well on two layers
of Solvy CWO35 as it would have using vilene.
All finished and no faults

All washed out and sitting on the Towel to dry
I now have a new doily, made very inexpensively,
and it hasn't fallen apart yet.

Look's like a bought one doesn't it
displayed on my table
Decided to add a vase and doesn't it look
good, home made at a fraction of the price

After looking at the finished item I did ask myself could this
have been done only using one layer, so I will also try that shortly.

We will as time permits try other lace projects just to see how
far we can go using solvy as a substitute for Vilene.

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