Thread Netting

Thread netting sold by 4 meter suitable for 1,000 meter mini spools
and also 5,000 meter spools. This product is a must for the embroiderer
doing machine embroidery to protect and keep your Rayon, Polyester, Metallic
or Variegated / Variagated machine embroidery threads organised.

So it doesn't matter if you have a Janome, Brother machine or are a commercial embroiderer
this is a must have Product. Exclusive to CreekCreations

Anyone who needs to revitalize their net after extended use can just gently run over with a
hair dryer or heat gun and it will retract to its previous size or put it in your clothes dryer.

4 Meter's Thread
Netting $15.99

This is a must have to keep your threads tidy in your sewing box.
Leave it on while sewing and it will stop your rayon threads from sliding off the spool. Used on Metallic threads it will alleviate a lot of your problems with kinking and twisting. This is a must have product.

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