Using Solvy & Washaway Backing

We have been asked many times about how you use
Solvy. In this instance I decided to give our soluble cutaway
a try along with the Solvy while embroidering towels, the whole point of Solvy
is to stop the pile of the towel breaking through on your design.
If you don't think it works try doing one without it !!!

For placement of your design in the hoop
I would always recommend that you
fold your towel in half and draw
a line with tailors chalk.


This towel has already been prewashed

I have already placed the soluble cutaway
underneath and now you can see
that I have placed the solvy on top

Now for some firm pressure, press your the
inner hoop into the outer hoop and then
give your towel a bit of a stretch making
sure that you keep it straight. Pull any
excess solvy out also.

WOW!!!! We are ready to now
place the hoop into the machine
and get embroidering our design.

Well here the design is finished and
still in the machine, I think it looks good.

We have taken the hoops off and
as you can see the solvy tears
away quite easily.

Solvy is off, and the design
looks pretty well centred.

Now for the backing, do a
small cut close to the design.

Cut away the rest of your backing.
Here is my matching second towel
I did a few things differently, we
all learn from our mistakes so
we decided to do this one using
a different method.
This time I used a thread that matched
the colour of the towel in the bobbin,
making it blend in.
Tearing away the solvy.
Removing this is just so easy
as your design will normally
make a weak point for you
to tear from.

This time we decided to do a small
cut and then firmly pull the cutaway
away from the design. Worked very well
we pulled directly away from the stitching
and you will see you are only left
with the cotton fibre remaining.
Cutaway is all gone with a much neater
finish than the first towel. Practice makes
us all better at what we do.

Towels washed and ready to hang.

On the picture below if you look at the i in his you see that the soluble cut away is dissolving. A couple more warm washes and it will be gone.

Handy Hint: make sure you do the first towel for yourself not for a customer or sale item. Your second go is always better!!!

As you can see the one that we used the
white bobbin fill does not look as good
as the one where we matched the colour
of the towel with the thread.
Don't tell anyone, these towels can be for
display and no one will see the back of it.

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