Water Soluble Solvy CW035


Used for Embroidering Towels to stop the pile protruding through the embroidery.

Solvy film is our most popular product as a topping for towels and polo shirts.
Just frame up one layer of
solvy with the towel or garment with the Solvy on top.
When the embroidery is complete, tear away as much Solvy as you can.
Any small pieces which are left will dissolve during the first wash.
Solvy is also used extensively as a topping when embroidering difficult fabrics
such as Polo shirt knits and other stretch fabrics.
Not only does Solvy help to stabilise the fabric
but it also helps to improve the detail of the embroidery.
This superb cold water soluble stabilizer is great for towels, polar fleece and all fabrics
with a pile as a soluble topping.
This product washes away completely in cold water leaving no residues.

Flat packed for your convenience

Solvy 1 mtr x 2 mtrs


Solvy 330mm x 7.5 Meter

Solvy 250mm x 7.5 Meter

Solvy 200mm x 7.5 Meter

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