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All Prices Are In Australian Dollars As We Are Located
At Doreen In Melbourne's Outer North Eastern Suburb's

All postage prices are for within Australia only
We do not post to overseas

There will be no post on the week of Jan 27 th
last post will be 20th Jan and then the 3rd of Feb

A Sales Docket is supplied with every purchase

We have expanded our range of the 1065S cutaway this is now available in Black
and also as 1065SF iron on cutaway this is over 3 times thicker than the 1025SF

currently used



Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread

Bobbin Fill

Prewound Bobbins

Thread Net

Iron On Stabilisers

Tearaway Stabilisers



Variegated Machine Embroidery Thread


Empty Bobbins

Embroidery Scissors

Cutaway Stabilisers

Vlisofix & Hot Melt Film


Mylar Film

Current Projects

All parcel's are posted through Australia Post

What a lot of customers don't realise is every time you email us with request's for various products relating
to home embroidery we do listen as some of you would know. Every product takes time to source and then evaluate
this does take time since we have to first find a quality manufacturer of a suitable product and then evaluate the

product they currently manufacture and decide if this would be suitable for our customers needs, then comes the price
negotiation this can take up to 6 month's because you can have the best product but if the price is not competitive it will not
sell and there is no room in our warehouse for products that don't sell. The basic policy of every company or supplier is
the right product for the right price this is mandatory in business if you intend to stay in business and we are
committed to our future as an embroidery products supplier that sells a quality product for a fair price, no we will

never be millionaires but content that we have been fair and honest with our customer's and suppliers that support us,
and yes hopefully make a modest living along the way. I will be very honest the biggest compliment we can get is the
feedback you give us, this to us justifies all the effort that goes into some products. We don't as you already know sell
anything that doesn't relate to home embroidery as that is not what we are about, everything we do is to fill any hole's
we can find in our range so that when you purchase from us we have everything you need, so when you go to do your
next project if we don't have what you need let me know !!! and as I have said it may take time but we will work on it.


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