This project is using Neschen

Well today I decided that I was going to dress up a pair of
black 3/4 denim trousers. I was doing a ten inch design and
after unpulling the inside leg I still could not hoop the trousers
due to the shape of them pulling in to the crutch. So out came
the neschen and I scoured it in a small section and pulled
of the paper and managed to flatten out the leg of my pants
while I embroidered them, it held very firm and I was impressed.

You can see here that although I have hooped a large
piece of
neschen, I will be able to use this again for
other small jobs.

This was not small it was an hour and a half and all
metallic threads but it has really dressed up these jeans

You can see by looking at the underside that you do not need
to be precise and I probably tore off more than was necessary.
I must admit I am no expert but if you need help or just where
to start just ask.

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