Neschen Filmoplastic


Neschen Filmoplastic is a high quality, self adhesive embroidery backing for those tricky jobs which just can't be secured in a normal embroidery hoop. For example:

1. You need to embroider a small design in the corner of a handkerchief or silk scarfe
2. You need to embroidery a super stretchy fabric such as Lycra
3. You need to embroider very small items which cannot be hooped
4. You need to embroider fabric which is too thick for a hoop.
Benefits of Filmoplastic
Has grid markings on the removeable top paper which really helps
with accurate positioning of product every time
Special adhesive formulated for multiple use yet does
not gum up the needle like many others.
Quality non-woven, tear-away backing

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Neschen 500mm x 1 Mtr
$10.99 Per Mtr

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