This needle is specially designed for machine embroidery using Rayon,
Polyester , Cotton and Metallic embroidery threads.
This Needle features a wider hole to enable the thread to pass through freely.
Another feature is a pantoon scarf with oversize bump to reduce he chance of skipped
stitches which can result when fabric is moving rapidly up and down
with the fast moving needle. It is very important to know your different needles
and when to use them, a shedding thread can be attributed to a very dense design or fabric.

Friction between the needle and material is what will damage most threads,
the eye needs the be large enough to allow the thread to move freely.
The hole punched by the tip also has to be large enough to allow the thread to
move through freely this is why there are so many choices of needles
each one has its own job to do when the circumstances arise.
Choose the right needle when the need arises, I'm sure you have all sewn out
designs that have had your machine thumping when it goes over the same area
with 3 or 4 different colours and all as dense as each other.

Klasse Embroidery Needles Size
Mixed 3 X 75/11 & 2 X 90/14
Price $6.49

Klasse Metallic Needles Size 80/12
Price $6.49

Klasse Metallic Needles Size 90/14
Price $6.49

Klasse Type E Overlocker Needles Size 80/12
Price $6.49
Suits All GlobeLock, Husqylock 540,550,550D.
Baby Lock BLE-1, BLE-1SXU52
most machines using the HAx1SP system

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