Mylar Film / Paper

Every film purchased has a silver backing thats why there is no silver advertised this film is reversable
the design below has been done with the film reversed.

All the Mylar Colours are now available for $3.99 for 2 mtrs you are purchasing each colour in 2 mtr lots..

This is a very hard item to photograph but on the picture above we have used deep gold film and the result looks like we have used a metallic thread,
only difference in the finished product was no headaches. This film is quite ok to warm wash but if you want to iron the garment do it from behind ,
do not apply your iron directly onto the film. This is not like some of the cheap film being used and is manufatured to be used in machine embroidery
on designs digitised to be used with Mylar Film
. Those of you that have done applique before will know that you simply substitue the
Mylar Film instead of fabric.
This product is not hooped
just cut out enough to cover the design area and after the outline is done removed the excess and proceed with your design, as
I said this is a hard item to show you but the customers who have visited the warehouse and seen sew outs were surprised at how good the finish is.

Mylar Film Aqua
Mylar Film Blue
Mylar Film Red
Mylar Film Magenta
Mylar Film Pink
Mylar Film Purple

Sew outs Using the various colours for best effects using Rainbow Noeline recommends a 5 x 7 inch design