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What a lot of people fail to realise is Embroidery weather hand or machine, Quilt making, dress making
for that matter any craft where you personally make something to wear or display is an extension of your personality.
Anybody can purchase off the rack clothes but not everybody can make them look individual or unique
and that's what we do. We create one off unique product's for family friends ourselves and customers
that want to standout and have something different. Don't tell me that if you really enjoy what your doing
that you don't feel personal satisfaction when you look at a finished product for example the girls making their quilts
and in some cases spending 100's of hours putting together every piece by hand, you can never put a price on
personal satisfaction when a project takes that much of your life and why should it ever have a price put on it.
So girls and boys enjoy your craft whatever it is because its all about making you feel good and those around you,
at the end of the day our partners may be a bit poorer financially, but look at the unique product's that you have contributed
to your life, not to mention the peace and quiet they get when we are engrossed in our current project,
provided everything is going OK!!!


Machine Embroidery Guides

Can I use Solvy As Oppossed To Vilene

Using Applique Paper

Doing a Towel using Solvy & Washaway Backing

Variegated Stitchout's Page 1

Variegated Stitchout's Page 2

Variegated Stitchout's Page 3

Variegated Stitchout's Page 4

Neschen What Is It & What Can I Use It For

If you have done a Project that you are Proud of, just send some pictures and a brief
Description on what you have done and let us show off your handywork.
It doesn't even have to be our product's althought that would help,
it doesn't even have to be a successfull project either let all of us help you

to acheive what you want

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