5,000 Mtr Bobbin Fill
At Creek Creations Embroidery Supplies

Polyester has little or no lint. Hence your machine will run longer between cleanings.
This thread is very shiny appearance, thin, lightweight and yet extremely strong.
Embroiders love this since it creates a soft backing, even on dense designs
Many machine quilters like using a filament poly thread in the bobbin.
Due to it's slick surface, it works well with metallic threads and heavy cotton threads.
The slickness of the filament poly thread does not snag or grab the top thread.
If you've had trouble using metallics or heavy cotton threads, a slick bobbin thread may solve some problems.

This bobbin fill is very low linting making it suitable
for all embroidery machines including Janome, Brother and all commercial Machines
This thread has a high lustre making the back of your work look as good as the front.


5,000 Meter Reels 75D/2

5,000 metre Polyester Bobbin Thread
( suitable all machines inc Janome, Brother, Singer, Elna ect)


5,000 MTR
PRICE $10.99

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