Vlisofix is used for bonding two pieces of fabric together, you can make beautiful
quilts, wall hangings, iron on patches or even a temporary fix on a hem that has come down.

Using Vlisofix I have traced
out my leaves on to the applique paper.
You will find this very easy because you can see through the Vlisofix to trace your design.
Now shiny side down on to
the wrong side of your fabric
and no steam on the iron
press down firmly to melt
your glue.
And cut out your shape.

Peel away your backing paper
you can see that nice shiny
surface on your fabric
which is your glue.

Place your applique shape
in the position that you
would like it on your fabric
and press down firmly.
Don't forget webbing side
Here you can see me
ironing down my leaf.
Had I been smart or not
wanting to show you

....I was doing I would have
had paper to protect my iron.
consequence my iron
is black.

Now wasn't that simple all
done and just about ready
to turn in to a wall hanging
I will add some decorative
stitching for effect but...

Our Vlisofix
will hold your fabric
firmly in place while you
place your applique stitches
That will hold
it permanently in place....
Vlisofix is a light glue and I
would not expect that it would be a permanent hold for your applique you must stitch around it.

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